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" Some chiefs eye changes communicate with each other. Jian Qi storm thorn on Tiedun, light flashes, a deep trace, emerging out. Right now the atmosphere is still maintained a depression, but most eyes are toward that of the Holy Spirit hospital Jaap. And most importantly, they have the three allies teams, three teams that although the strength is less than them, but every team has a hard body with a strength of the people, although the spirit of the hospital to deal with the shortage of team needs to share some staff But by remaining, there is absolutely enough to take away the spirit of this North Cang hospital team to pack no temper. Crowd, but added nothing magic always fluctuate face criminal days, his dead eyes like dust, animal husbandry, glanced at his mission of this trip is to kill the animal husbandry and dust, regain dragon enchanted treasure, but if the latter is lost in the Liu Ying hands and be killed, then he also saved dessert, so the strength of the shot by him personally, he is indeed a bit scornful. Heart horrified to see all forces, all these years, North Cang Ling hospital just quietly standing on this continent.

Light door open, and suddenly a dynasty from which the rainbow like a meteor storm swept out across the sky, and finally appeared in the hospital over this North Cang Ling altitude. wholesale jerseys nfl cheap Static aunt glanced at him, then look toward the distant shadow of a huge mask is heaven and earth, in that among the president is too Cang stood up, lost the five items Black Dragon Extreme Extreme repression, alone the other four a product Extreme, obviously he can not be trapped again. All atmosphere, are down at this time of stagnation. And under such a laid-back, time is also a day of quietly over, and that the Spirit hospital competition is increasingly close. cheap jerseys from china wholesale This black heavy gun comes out, there is an out evil spirits, so that was space is slightly startled.

"This is the North Cang door?" Shen common people looked at their eyes glowing tall bronze door, jump jump again. wholesale jerseys nfl That plate sitting god soul within the sea air, raised his hands, gently move, a white spot that suddenly roared over roads, in turn, directly got into the air at home, and finally suspended in the soul before God, rolling It is spinning. Everyone can feel, now dust in vivo animal husbandry spiritual power, compared to two months ago, it seems to be tyrannical lot. "Five spiritual matrix division?" Lingxi nearest approach to looking at the dust, animal husbandry, askew, casually said:"Under the spiritual matrix master, all grades spiritual matrix division is worth mentioning, as if under the supreme, are all ants in general, in a spirit array, only entered the spiritual matrix master level, just happen to be true, or else face always difficult stage. Before the hall, too pale Dean looked exhaustively common people came to Shen, Li Xuan Tong, glass Luo et al. They do not believe in this team rolling, this north front yard Cang team spirit dared the slightest dissent.

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